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International Moving & Relocation Services

Please contact our sister company, Get Cracking for international moving & relocation services – getcracking.ie

Antiques & Fragiles transport

Fine art, Antique or heavier unique items moving from one place to another is one of the most stressful procedures. Antiques are something we treasure the most and that needs to be able to handle with extra care. Fine arts moving demands skills for extraordinary arrangements. For shipping unusual and expensive arts, people especially museum owners go for fine arts moving professionals who are particularly skilled in the task of moving fragile expensive art or antique pieces

Bulk & Heavy Items transport

If you have any unique, heavier items like pianos, grandfather clocks, sculptures or even large furniture.

We can move it for you, our team of professional movers are trained to handle any object regardless of the size

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Pet transport

Please contact our sister company, International Pet Transport for more info – pettransport.ie

Your pet is an extremely important extension of your family. We appreciate this and realize that sometimes it’s hard to make pet travel arrangements on your own, especially if you’re busy juggling other aspects of the move. Organising animal transport can be a very time-consuming process and there are many different regulations for each pet that you will have to consider.

Whether you’re relocating for business or a fresh start somewhere new, we can research all travel options and safety regulations to make sure that your pet can safely accompany you. We will give you the guidance and assurance that your pet meets all animal transport regulations.

You truly can take your pet with you almost anywhere in the world and we want to make sure that you have peace of mind knowing that your loved one will be safe, comfortable and happy, both during the journey and upon arrival at your destination.

Vehicle Transport & Shipping

If you need to ship your car or a motorbike in Ireland or abroad to your destination, we can help. It is very important that you are aware and understand the import regulation of the country that you are moving to. We can assist in transporting you vehicle to ensure it arrives in perfect condition, on time, and with no unexpected costs.

House Cleaning

Please contact our sister company, The Cleaning Crew for more info – thecleaningcrew.ie

Whether you are moving out or moving into a new home we can offer a deep cleaning of your new or old residence. Our cleaning service partners operate the highest standards when it comes to cleaning.

Unpacking Your Boxes

Dublin Van Movers or our professional global partners can unpack your entire house or just the rooms you prefer and let you enjoy your new home.  Our staff are professional homemakers: dedicated, meticulous and capable.

We really care about the finished product. Discretion is assured. We aim to create a delightful, organised home set up by a team of detail driven and house proud people

Currency Exchange

FC Exchange offers international money transfers that are safe, fast and can save you money. We have helped thousands of clients transfer billions of pounds abroad quickly and securely since our inception in 2005. We provide a variety of currency products, which can be tailored to suit your needs.

Additionally, our dedicated one-client contact support means you can make the most informed decision when sending money abroad. And we can save you money on FX transfers with our Best Exchange Rate Guarantee.